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Half Way Through Summer Vacation

The end of this school year was very stressful for me. I take on many duties at school that go beyond the library, and I was on a treadmill for the last month of school trying to meet all my deadlines. I was longing for some much needed down time, and I have rewarded myself over the last few weeks and relaxed and completed many house chores. One of the few things that I have been doing that is related to my job is ---- read. Down time for me means finding time to read for several hours each day. Before the end of school, I grabbed a stack of random books that interested me not ones that I needed to review or read for the middle school book group or because an author was coming to visit us at PFTSTA. This year for middle school summer reading we are using the Louisiana Young Reader's Choice list for 2015 . I have already read some of the books, but I really enjoyed Anyway*: *A Story about Me with 138 footnotes, 27 exaggerations, and 1 Plate of Spaghet

Teachers Need a Vacation, Too

When summer time hits, it is time for teachers and students to find a way to see the world. Maybe it is through books that they didn't have time to read during the school year or traveling to foreign places. I planned a trip for my husband and myself out west. To those of us living below sea level in southern Louisiana who deal with a humidity that hovers around 85-90% in the summer, going to the mountains is definitely foreign. We planned a trip that kept us outside on the hiking trails of the Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado and Utah and the Rocky Mountain National Park. I created the video you see below that tells the story of our adventure.