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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Covid-19 Edition

Found on the sidewalk on one of my daily walks in uptown New Orleans It's that time again when we celebrate teachers, and the hard work that they do in classrooms across the United States. So, I say to all you teachers out there: YOU ARE APPRECIATED!! My school is trying its best to give us little treats each and every day over the course of the week even though we are at home and not at school. The first gift was a sign for our yard, and lucky me, my sign was delivered by one of my very favorite students. I couldn't get a picture with her, but I did get one with me and the sign.  Then on Thursday, a truly wonderful treat arrived in my inbox. A thank you with quotes from different students. I love hearing what is important to them among the many things that I do at school. I think this sums it up nicely.  Click the image above to enlarge it I received something else in my email inbox from a seventh grader who created this meme just for me. Than