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School's Out For Summer

Today was my last day. I realized when I got home that I forgot to take some books with me to read. I have some unfinished business, so I will be heading back to school next week. I have two books in the stack by my bed, so I do have reading material for a week or so. I have started Exodus by Julie Bertagna. I am enjoying the dystopian story with a strong female hero. The sequel is called Zenith .

Taylor Graduation 5.14.2010

Here are the valedictorian and salutatorian for the class of 2010 at Patrick Taylor Academy. The gold stole designates an honor graduate, the medallion with gold ribbon designates val or sal, the medallion with the blue ribbon designates National Honor Society, and the yellow and light blue cords designates Mu Alpha Theta, the math honor society. These girls have been busy the last four years. The graduates wait at the Alario Center for the appointed hour of the processional. Graduation was fantastic. No glitches. Mrs. Phyllis Taylor was the keynote speaker. She gave all the students a copy of the inspirational book,  The Last Lecture , by  Randy Pausch . In each copy was a two dollar bill a denomination which Patrick Taylor was famously known to give as gratuities. Mrs. Taylor wanted the students to be reminded of her husband. She also suggested that if they kept the bill as a keepsake, then they would never be broke. Also slipped in three of the books was something a little ex

2010 Val/Sal Luncheon

Yesterday, I was honored to be asked by Taylor's salutatorian to join her for the luncheon provided by the district. I was asked last year, too, but it was no less an honor to accompany Channel to the luncheon. Every student must talk about why they brought their teacher, and every teacher must talk about the student. Channel broke down as she was talking about me; I was truly touched. So when I had to get up, it was not an easy task. Channel has read more books than any student at Patrick Taylor Academy. She reads all types of genres and remembers plot and character too. I count on her to help recommend books to other students. I don't know what I will do without her next year. The picture on the left shows a very happy teacher getting ready to send one of her students out into the world. I know that she will shine. This shot shows our valedictorian, Ngoc, with Mrs. Blanchet on her left. Our principal, Jaime Zapico, is in the center. That is me and Channel on the right.

More From the Voelkels

Here is an email that I received from Pamela Voelkel. I am so glad that they enjoyed meeting the Taylor students as much as the students enjoyed their presentation.