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Library Filled with Activities for Teen Read Week 2018

It’s Written in the Stars @ PFTSTA Library Teen Read Week October 9 th -12 th 1.  Annual Library Book Mark Contest : Two winners, one from middle  school and one from high school, will receive a $20 gift card to Amazon,  and their bookmark reproduced to give away to the PFTSTA community.  You can visit the library for a hard copy or  open here :  to print out from the web. All bookmarks are due in the library by Wednesday, October 24 th  at 2:30PM.  3.  Now showing in your library : Visit the library at lunch on Tuesday to  watch "Third from the Sun" an episode of the television show  The Twilight Zone .  A treat will be served. 2.  Who is the star? Guessing Game : On Wednesday and Friday, visit the  library to get a clue about a starring character in a book or a starring  actor in a movie. If you guess the name of the character or actor correctly,  you will receive a small prize. 4.  Get Crafty : Vi