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Finally Finished

It took me awhile to get through the 500 pages of  The Lacuna, but it is a winner. I loved the Diego Rivera/Frida Kahlo/Mexico and Asheville, NC connections as well as Harrison's stint working for Trotsky. I initially disliked the character of Violet Brown, but she grew on me as the story unfolded. This book is a lot of fun because of all the links to history that Kingsolver intertwines throughout the story, and I  recommend this title.

Big News!

Today I accepted a third grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for American Libraries . This time I will have $18,000 to spend on new books for the Patrick Taylor library. I am so excited. The event was held at John McDonogh High in New Orleans. Four other Jefferson Parish schools also won grants. We all went to Lil' Dizzy's Restaurant to celebrate after the presentation. Here we are in the library of John McDonogh waiting for Laura Bush to arrive. I am in the middle on my left is Colleen Winkler, acting principal. On my right is one of our seniors who is a big reader. Here is Mrs. Bush on stage with the principal and a student from John McDonogh. The drum line in front of the stage performed. Here are the librarians, students and principals from Patrick Taylor, West Jefferson, Shneckenberger Elementary, Gretna Middle and Harris Middle in Jefferson. Everyone is thrilled to have received the grant for new books.

Fines at the New Orleans Public Library

This is my husband's story, not mine, but I have to tell it here. He gave me permission. Steve has been buying books to read over the last few years. However, the other day he found something that he wanted to read at the public library down the street from our house. He went to check it out and was told that he had an outstanding fine of $20.00. He asked the title of the book. He thought about it a minute, then asked when he checked out the book. He checked it out in August of 2005 and returned it in April of 2006. In August 2005, Katrina hit the area, and the libraries did not open for a very long time after the event. He returned the book as soon as a library was open. He mentioned it to the librarian that it was impossible for him to have returned that particular book in a timely manner. The librarian very kindly took the fine off of his record. I thought that there would be no new Katrina stories. I was wrong.

Happy New Year and Back to Work

It's that time again. Tomorrow I will get up at 5:30AM and head to work. I don't mind the getting back to work, but I do mind the 5:30AM wake up call, especially when it is frigid outside. No kids at school until the 11th. I look forward to seeing them again. Read anything good over the holiday? I am in the midst of The Lacuna . I won't have it finished by Saturday's book group date, but I will be able to talk about it.