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Teen Tech Week 2018 was Another One for the Books

With three lunches, it is no longer possible to plan activities during Teen Tech Week (TTW) that are very time consuming for the students or take lots of extra pairs of hands to pull off. That is okay, because I think that I have figured out ways to simplify our planned activities but still offer five fun activities in the library for each day of the week. Also, I had to move TTW to accommodate for the fact that I was at a library conference the week before. This meant that I had to have everything ready to go before I left town for the conference that included lots of advertising to the students so that they would be ready for TTW when I returned to school that Monday. Garden Party Students engrossed  I plan a different activity each day at lunch and usually have some other passive game that might be available all week in the library or online. We always start the week by showing animated shorts. This all began because TTW is scheduled near the Academy Awards, and I

LLA 2018 Annual Conference and Winning an Award

Louisiana Library Association always holds its annual conference in mid-March. This year it was in Alexandria, LA. Not much going on there, but the hotels were very convenient to the conference center, and I did not have to move my car until I was ready to leave for home. When LLA made the call for conference proposals, I applied to talk about tech tools for formative assessment. This was a presentation that I did for teachers and librarians in my district, and I thought it would be a good one for this conference. Some of these tools you migh be familiar with, but I hope that there is something new for you there: One of the tools that I discussed in my presentation was Padlet, so I asked those attending to post on a Padlet different ways that they could utilize the various tools in their library. Below are the suggestions that they posted. Use the slider bar at the bottom to see all of the nine columns. Please feel free to add your ideas to the Padlet also.

Teen Tech Week 2018, It's Going to be Fun

Teen Tech Week March 12 th – 16 th PFTSTA LIBRARY: All Reader’s Welcome Monday:                     Treat with a Movie Kick off Teen Tech Week and visit the library during your lunch period to watch a movie and have a sweet treat. Showing will be the Oscar winning animated short by Kobe Bryant,  Dear Basketball , as well as several other animated shorts including Lou and Garden Party which were both nominated for an Oscar. Tuesday:                     Mosaics with Rubik’s Cubes Using 100 Rubik’s Cubes , you and your friends will have a pattern to follow to create a mosaic picture using all of the cubes. The library is borrowing the cubes so they will only be available for a short time. Wednesday:               Anti-Tech Day Put away the technology for a day. Visit the library at lunch to experience the calming effects of a labyrinth. Available will be a variety of finger labyrinths that you can color and use to relax. There will also be a variety of mandala

Patricia Forde Talks with BRiMS

When I  discovered that Skype was not a tool that we could count on, I was worried that it might be the end of our virtual visits with authors. Skype itself was not the problem but the district filtering. Sometimes it worked, and it worked best if we were on the receiving end of the call. However, I could not count on it. We are now using FaceTime for our virtual author visits. This works great on our end with an iPad and is sufficient if the author also has an Apple product. When I was planning our visit with Irish author Patricia Forde , we were not sure if FaceTime would work. Since I discovered that it uses data not phone minutes; it did not cost anything to make the connection. I made a test call with Patricia a few weeks ahead of time, and I knew after talking to her that the kids were in for a treat.  We always start our visits the same way with the author telling us about the book and their writing process. Patricia explained that until she was ten she lived in a ve