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Promoting Reading When the Doors to the Library are Closed

The beginning of school this year was unbelievable. First, the start date was delayed because of the pandemic, and then we were out three times for three different hurricanes. It was hard to keep any kind of routine going. Currently, our middle school students either are virtual or come to school everyday. The high school students are virtual or hybrid (attending school in alternating two or three times a week) with a much larger proportion choosing to be virtual. When things did finally get underway, I was told that the doors to the library would be closed to students. That has not meant that I have been sitting idle. I think that I have worked harder this year than any other.  Students can order books to be delivered on a Google Form This is the first time that I have displayed books in the library's windows I am providing lessons from my desk to whole classes, meeting individually with students to assist with research, and pulling books that students order and delivering those t

Time to Mark a Milestone in Career

When I go back to school tomorrow, it is the start of a new year that we have been waiting for - a new year that we hope will eventually turn into a normal one. Starting tomorrow will begin my 41st year of teaching. Though I am not yet retiring, and I won't receive a gold watch or any other kind of recognition, I  still think that it needs some sort of marker. At least, it does to me. So on the last day before break, I posted a picture of myself taken in my library on social media. I got many comments and responses from family and friends and former colleagues, but it was the comments from former students that touched me the most.  Hearing from students that what I taught them in the library was something that was useful in college is what makes me still find my job so rewarding. If what I do doesn't translate beyond my library and my school, why teach it? Here are a couple of my favorite comments: This student did not hang out in the library but visited with his classes from 6