First Library Event of the 2010-11 School Year

The story takes place behind the mirror
Yesterday, the library sponsored its first event of the new school year. Author, Cornelia Funke, broadcasting from New York presented a live streaming webcast to kick off the release of her newest book, Reckless.  The event happened to be scheduled during our lunch period. So, thirty students in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade piled into the library to view the program. I ran to the weekly farmer's market ahead of time to purchase kettle corn for the students to munch. Everyone was invited to bring their lunch to this event, too. It started 20 minutes late, which caused some issues for 4th period, but the kids who participated really enjoyed it.
Students are engrossed in the presentation

We had some sound issues early on,
so this 8th grader decided to get as close as possible to the speakers


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