Fundraiser Kick Off with a Power Point

I wish that I did not have to have fundraisers in the library however, it is a part of the territory. I need money for programing, and students are always asking for new books.

I kicked off this year's event with a six minute powerpoint presentation that I narrated. Each Advisory teacher played the powerpoint during the Advisory period. I sat with two groups as they watched me talk about how the fundraiser will work. It is a little different this year because the students will take orders now, but no one pays until the items are delivered sometime in January.

The kids seem excited about the prize package, and I hope that I can double what I raised last year selling just magazines. You can still renew your magazines by ordering online. Or visit the website to see what else we have for sale: and enter the school code: 1479302.
If you want to read more about the fundraiser, visit the library website here:


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