Hidden Poetry for Poetry Month

Next week we are doing something fun for poetry month. 
I printed out about 50 different poems on green paper. 
Below you can see some students helping to prepare the poems.

I collected poems from teachers and students either favorite poems or poems they had written. The students cut them out with fancy edges and we rolled them up and tied with a ribbon. Then on Friday after school, I will have some helpers who will hide the poems all over school. On Monday, any student who finds a poem, is expected to read it, of course, and then they will bring it to me in the library. I will give every student who brings me a poem, a prize. Then I have a bulletin board where I will post all the hidden poems once they are found.

Usually, during poetry month, I just email a poem to every staff member and every student, but this year I decided to go a little further. I want to encourage my students to read poetry. Do you think this will help? I sure hope so.


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