New Favorite Middle School Book

I am a big fan of Gary Schmidt and his Wedneday Wars which takes place during the Vietnam era and tells a wonderfully poignant story. So when someone handed me an ARC for his newest, Okay for Now, I was anxious to read it. I was not disappointed. This story also takes place during the Vietnam era. The main character, Doug Swieteck, must start 8th grade at a new school, in a new town. He hates stupid Maryville, NY. He struggles with an abusive father and brother. His mother tries, but she cannot erase the pain that his father causes. As the story unfolds, we watch him make friends, get a job, become an artist and learn to read. Through all of these highs, he must learn to live with many lows caused by his dysfunctional family.

What an amazing character he is. I love him. This is just one of those great middle school reads that I will recommend over and over again.


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