Excited to Interview James Patterson

Over the holidays, I got a nice gift. I was asked if I would interview author, James Patterson, for SLJTeen. The phone interview is scheduled for the end of this week, and the interview will be published in the February 6th edition of SLJTeen. You will be able to find a link here once it is published.

Patterson's newest Middle School book was published last month. It is called, I Funny. It is about Jamie Grimm, a handicapped orphan who uses jokes and comedy to overcome his sadness about the loss of his family. After the car accident that killed his family and put him in a wheelchair, he is adopted by his aunt and uncle whose son happens to be one  of the biggest bullies in school. Jaime uses his humor to charm old and young alike. When his town hosts a funniest kid contest, he is ambivalent about participating. Cute book, and it is very funny. With a male protagonist, it will be an easy sell to middle school boys who may be reluctant readers.

The reason for the interview is to publicize a Stand-Up Comedian Contest for Kids. Beginning January 28th, kids can submit a 60 second video of their stand-up routine. Two grand prize winners will be sent to Universal Studios in July of 2013. A link to this contest will be posted in a later blog post.

Open here for a video of James Patterson promoting this book.


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