Using Livebinders for Hurricane Katrina Project Podcast

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7th Graders on Field Trip in the Ninth Ward, February 2020

Every year over the last ten I have worked with the 7th grade English teachers on a project that encompasses literature, research, a written/digital product, a field trip, and service learning. In that time there have been five different teachers who have taught ELA to this grade level. One thing that has remained constant is me, and over the years, I have developed a tool to make the research super easy for the kids. Using Livebinders I have been able to curate resources and collate all the tools that the students need from the very beginning of the project when they read historical fiction about Hurricane Katrina's devastation in our area to the very end with the digital scrapbook. This is truly a collaborative project between the English teachers, myself, and our colleagues at Dr. King Charter school where we visit for service learning. 

That's me receiving a thank you card at Dr. King Charter School

7th graders participating in the service learning project

Early this year, I was contacted by Tina Schneider from Livebinders who asked if I wanted to participate in a podcast on how I have used their tool for this particular project. I love sharing, so I said an emphatic yes. We scheduled a Zoom visit on March 12th to record the podcast. That was the day before the schools closed for the pandemic. Little did I know then that Zoom was going to become a huge part of my life. 

Location of the levee breach in the Ninth Ward

Open here to find the podcast about how I utilized Livebinders.
Read Tina's blog post about the podcast and how it relates to events happening now.

Here is an example of a student's digital scrapbook which is the culmination of this project:


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