Holiday Time

I am off for two weeks. Usually, during this time I read up a storm. However, I have been doing more socializing than reading these days. It is something that I feel is important to my psyche. I brought home a huge stack of books from school. I figured that I would only read what really catches my interest. So if I start something and don't like it, then I have another to take its place.

I read another Kathe Koja novel, Kissing the Bee. Love her work. Her books are short, but they pack a punch. I wish I could write so well.

I am plowing my way through a fantasy called Flora Segunda by Ysabeau Wilce. It came out about two years ago to rave reviews. Not too many of my students were interested, so I started reading it to see if it was a book that I could push. I just looked for the author's name on line and found out that there are two sequels! Anyway, the author uses a lot of made up words that stem from Spanish and English. at least I think that they do. I am feeling sort of dumb because maybe the words are Spanish words that I don't know. I like the story and think that it would make a great middle school read. I have to figure out a hook to push it, then purchase the second and third volumes.

For my adult book group next month we have to read an author who we have already read. The idea is to bring the book and share with book group. We keep trading around the books until no one is interested in reading the offered titles. I ordered the new Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna. It got great reviews, so I can't wait until it arrives.


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