Back to School

I started back to school on August 9th, and the students arrived on the 12th. Students wanted to check out books on the first day. I was pleased to see that they were excited that the library was open for business. However, I have been too busy to complete the processing for the 200 new books. Of course, those are the titles that are so enticing. I hope to get those done by the end of the day tomorrow. That's my intent anyway.

Who would have thought that a book about bridge for teens would be interesting. I adored Louis Sacher's new book, The Cardturner. Alton is a character that you have to love. He just wants to have a summer of fun, but his parents think he should assist his rich uncle who wants to keep playing bridge even though he has lost his sight. It's Alton's job to tell his uncle what cards are in each hand. There is a little romance along the way, you learn something about bridge, and you get a real interesting story with great characters. I loved the way Sacher used a whale (from Moby Dick) to signal to the reader that there would be a technical discussion of bridge that could be skipped if was deemed boring. I read every word.


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