I can't believe it,and I am so excited. Today is the day. I have reserved my copy of Mockingjay at Octavia Books. I will leave school in just a few minutes to go pick it up. I will be set for an evening of reading. I might not make it to sleep tonight. Yesterday, I watched Suzanne Collins read the first chapter on youtube. Katniss had a southern accent. That was really disconcerting, and there is lots of talk on the net about readers who were really surprised and unhappy with the accent. Katniss is from Appalachia, so it is not a huge surprise.

I think that I am as thrilled to be reading the end of the Hunger Games trilogy as I was with the Harry Potter series.

Go to--> http://www.mockingjay.net/ for all things Hunger Games.
Read this interview that Suzanne Collins gave to School Library Journal--> http://bit.ly/c3wuTt She talks about the connection between mockingjays and Katniss. Happy Reading!


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