Look What I Got in the Mail Today

As part of the YA Galley Program for Teen's Top Ten, I have been receiving many books from publishers for my library book group to read. When I picked up a box that was sized for just one or two paperback books, I thought it was the single title from TOR that I was waiting for. I was wrong.

Last April, authors J & P Voekel visited Taylor to promote their action adventure romp through the land of the Mayas called, Middleworld. This book was the first in the Jaguar Stones series. Okay back to my package---when I opened the box, inside I found a signed copy of The End of the World Club, the second in the Jaguar Stones series. By the picture on the cover, I can tell that Max and Lola will be facing more adventures. That is not really the exciting part of the whole thing. The package was sent to me by the authors with an amazing note which you can read below.

I was intriqued by the P. S., so I opened the book to the last page to find the acknowledgements.  If you look at the second paragraph on the page below you might read about someone we know who works at a very familiar school.
Let's just say the Voekels made my day. What a wonderful holiday gift to know that what I do everyday makes a difference. 


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