Traveling with the Voelkels to the land of the Maya

Look at the fabulous sign that Michelle Tran and Zerhow Chan made for our author visit.

On Tuesday, April 20th Jon and Pamela Voelkel, authors of the book Middleworld, made a visit to Patrick Taylor. The whole middle school gathered in the cafeteria to see their presentation. Besides talking about their book, they described some of their travels in Central America, Mayan culture, and took the students on a virtual trip through the rain forest. The students experienced the rains (squirts with a water bottle), had a chance to taste worms, and watched a movie showing the removal of a botfly larva from the back of a tourist.
Pamela shares mealworms with the students who were willing to taste them.

Jon and the visiting Mayan King, Lord 6 Dog.

Signing the books.

Three of the seventh graders are happy to have their own signed copy of Middleworld.

That's me in the middle wearing a pith helmet. As you can see, I am ready for travel.


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