ALA Part 3: Teens Speak at Session on Monday, June 27th

A few months ago, I received an email from YALSA past president, Linda Braun. She was putting together a panel for the ALA conference that would be called: Trends in YA Services: Using Mobile Devices to Serve Teens. Several librarians were going to speak, but she wanted a couple of teens to talk, too. The idea is that the teens would comment on the programs and activities that the librarians were going to describe as happening in their library systems. She wanted the kids to give their opinion of these programs. Did they sound engaging and would they want to participate? It was a big success. The teens were happy to give their opinions. Librarians were coming up to me afterwards complimenting the students' participation. As one librarian told me, "you have touched lives." That felt really satisfying.

The students sat on the stage with the librarians
They could respond as often as they wanted

The panelists include three librarians from New York, one from San Antonio and the two students


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