Book Review of a New Fav Title

I picked up Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs on a fluke. I had seen it listed on the best seller list, but I really didn't know much about it except that it included some unusual photographs. The author found some old black and white photos from various collections to enrich the story. Each photograph portrays one of the many cast of unusual characters that reside in this book.

Jacob adores his grandfather and has listened to the stories that his grandfather tells about his childhood in the children's home as if they were fairy tales. It is not until his grandfather dies that he learns the truth. His parents don't understand, but allow him to travel with his father to find the children's home on an isolated island in Wales. Jacob is astounded by what he finds on the island of his grandfather's youth, and you will be too.

I am not a fan of horror, and I guess you could say this has a tinge of horror or the grotesque to it. I say this is a story of magical realism that you want to believe. I adored the peculiar children, and I anxiously awaited the description of each one.

The story doesn't tie up all the loose ends. I am not sure if a sequel is planned or if the author just wanted the reader to decide what happens next to the children. Either way I recommend this highly unusual book.

Check out the book trailer created by the publisher Quirk Books.


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