Presenting at LACUE 2011

On Wednesday, November 30th, Kelly Maher, Lisa Valence and I were scheduled to present at the LACUE conference. We titled our presentation: Preparing Students for the Future: Tools for Teachers and for Teaching Teens. We were to begin at 1PM which was the last hour of the conference. When we walked into the room for the noon session right before ours, there was one person sitting at the presentation. UGH! We really didn't want to present in front of a party of one. When I began to hook up the computer and get ready for our marvelous multi-media powerpoint that we created, people started to walk in. Whew! We were going to have an audience after all. About 20 people attended our session. Kelly began the session by thanking them for joining us for the very last hour. We got several compliments when we were done. We put together a wiki with all the sites that we mention in our talk and more. Open it up and check it out, you might find something new to try with your students.
Lisa Valence, Kelly Maher, and Elizabeth Kahn
LACUE November 2011

I am at the beginning of my presentation 
when I talk about the physical size of the library.


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