Small Group, Big Thinkers

On Wednesday BRiMS met to discuss Loretta Ellsworth's book, In Search of Mockingbird. We only had a handful of students because of problems with transportation home after school. It didn't stop the students who did attend to offer their insights on Ellsworth's book. The students liked the book better than me. They loved Erin's attachment to one book. We went around the room discussing books that inspired us. The Harry Potter series was named more than once, so we had to stop and talk about Rowling and her series several times. Most of the students have read Harry Potter multiple times so they had lots to talk about. We also discussed our family's reaction if we just decided to hop on a bus and ride clear across the country by ourselves. When we discussed why the book was set in the 80's, the students thought it was a safer time, so it would be easier for a teenager to travel alone.

I am really enjoying running this group. I try to have questions ahead of time, but I find the digressions the most interesting. On May 16th we will discuss Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. The last day of school is May 24th, but since this group started so late in the year I felt we had to have a May meeting. Now I need to start thinking about the books that we will read next year. Do you have any ideas for a group of 6th-8th graders with strong reading skills but a variety of interests?


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