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It is nearing the end of another year, and so the time has arrived to make nominations for the annual Edublog Awards. I love these awards, not because I like getting nominated (who doesn't like to get recognized), but because I always find some new electronic tool or new person to follow. I guess that I like these awards because I can count on all the nominations to be quality sources, and I love enlarging my professional learning network.

Here are some of my favs of the moment:
EdTech Blog: I know that he will get lots of nominations, but my favorite go to EdTech site is Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers. I know that if I am looking for a tool for a particular purpose that Richard will have several for me to choose. I am a faithful reader of his column in School Library Journal.

Twitter Hashtag: I am a school librarian, and though I am interested in a lot of issues, my first interest is in what other librarians have to say. So I am nominating #tlchat for this award. You can find the best of #tlchat on the Tlchat Daily.

Individual Tweeter: There are a few teachers in my district (Jefferson Parish in Louisiana) who are doing some amazing things with technology. Paula Naugle who teaches 4th grade was thinking about retirement when she found that using technology energized her interest in teaching. She has been able to bring the world to her students in Metairie, LA.

Group Blog: As I said earlier, being a school librarian means that I have a bias for all things that have to do with the library. For this award, I am going to nominate a blog from one of the professional organizations in which I belong, the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). There are several blogs run by YALSA, but my favorite one is all about young adult literature, The Hub.

Free Web Tool: There are many tools on the web that I love. I couldn't blog without blogger; I couldn't have created a website without Weebly; but I couldn't be a good librarian without having all the curation tools at my fingertips. I use a number of them, but right now I am a big fan of Livebinders. It is not known for its beauty, but it functions like a dream. I can embed it on the library website. When I give the students the link, I can update the binder, and the students will see the updated version.

Best Social Network: I am going to nominate this with reservations. I am a big fan of Twitter. I would like to use it more than I do now, but there is a huge problem. Twitter is blocked at my school. So I am limited to tweeting by phone during the school day. I really wish that I could get to the site more often, but I have been trying to get it open at school without any luck.


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