The News of the Successful School Librarians vs. BESE and Louisiana is Spread

There are have been op-ed pieces, news articles and blogs touting the wonderful job that the school librarians did in rallying the troops to oppose changes that would have opened the door to ridding schools of librarians and libraries.

Here are some links from around the state of Louisiana that you might like to read. Here is a blog post from Robert Mann explaining that librarians and counselors are not an option in schools. The local NPR station, WWNO in New Orleans, reported on the librarians win. Will Sentell of  The Advocate, in Baton Rouge, reported how unusual it is to turn around decisions that lawmakers want to make. This last article is about the state of school librarians across the US and was written by the president of ALA, Maureen Sullivan.

If you want to read my blog post summing up the long process of convincing lawmakers not to mess with school librarians, open the link here.


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