JPPSS Librarians Meet in the New PFTSTA Library

That is me on the left with Terry Young from West Jeff on the right
The librarians in the Jefferson Parish Public Schools don't get many opportunities to meet as a group. However, it is important for us to network because most of us are the only librarian in the building, and many can use some support and assistance with the new evaluation system, COMPASS. Also, there are many new librarians in the district who need guidance with available resources as well as some of the job expectations and requirements. On October 3rd, I invited all 75 librarians in the district to meet at Patrick Taylor for an after school meeting. We had 36 show up, and considering that the school is located in the far reaches of the Westbank, I think it was a great turn out. Lindsey Vindel, the Follett rep, shared how ebooks on  Follett Shelf work. Terry Young from West Jeff High School reviewed the evaluation system and how librarians should design the all important student learning targets (SLTs). We have created a wiki so that we can have a home for resources and documents for every librarian in the district, and I talked about the wiki and demonstrated how all members of the wiki can post and add links and resources. I was pleased that the space worked so well with plenty of room for presenting, refreshments and visiting. 

Lindsey Vindel talks about Follett Shelf and Ebooks

 JPPSS librarians


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