Teens Review New Historical Fiction and Thriller

When I asked the members of Bookmarked if anyone would be able to contribute to this week's SLJTeen, it was like pulling teeth. Sometimes the students get so overwhelmed with studies that they do not have time to read anything new. The president of Bookmarked realized that she needed to step up to the plate. So she chose a short book that was written in verse. She knew that she could read the book and get a review in to me in time. She is not a big fan of historical fiction, well, none of my students really are. You will be surprised by her review of Mariko Nagai's newest book. Another student was in her sick bed but was able to send me a review of Megan Miranda's thriller, Hysteria. The student didn't realize that the book's publication date was over six months ago. We try to submit SLJTeen reviews for books that have not been published yet. I have four students who promise me reviews for the next issue. SLJTeen is letting us go at the end of the year and a new teen book group will be begin publishing in 2014, so the students at PFTSTA only have three issues left in which they can be published. Open here to read the two reviews


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