Following Through With Library Resolution

Earlier in the month, I blogged about some resolutions for 2014 that I wanted to initiate in the library. I am so proud of myself because I have already begun seriously tackling one of these resolutions. There are so many fiction books that are series, and I can't remember series order and neither can the students. Often, the students don't even realize that an appealing book is part of a series. One of my tasks for the new year is to label all books in a series.

Over the holidays, I bought supplies to begin the process of labeling. See the picture above. That is not exactly true. I already had the scissors, iPad Mini and clear label protectors. I did have to buy those colorful green dots. I set up a template for the stickers on the computer so I could print out the numbers. I didn't want to write them--my handwriting is atrocious. I started the process when I received a shipment of new books the first week that we got back from the holidays. Then this week, I began the job in earnest. I started in the As, and when I found a series set, I would look at the website FictFact on the iPad Mini to see the book order for each series. I would place the green stickers on the spines and cover with label protectors. Okay, I haven't gotten very far because I have only completed the books with authors whose last name begins with A. You have to start somewhere, though. I think that it doesn't matter how time consuming this project is, having the books labeled will make it so much easier for patrons to find the books that they want to read. That is what it is all about, isn't it? In the picture below you can see all the books with the little green dots with a number on it. I plan to forge ahead and maybe by the end of next week, I will be somewhere among the Gs. It doesn't really matter, though, as long as I keep at it. 


  1. I am actually working on labeling the series books in my library right now too! Only the person before me had actually written the series name and numbers, so I'm doing it the same way. Typing it in a word document, then printing them out and cutting them and taping them on the books.

  2. Your method seems so time consuming to me because the way that I am doing it takes a lot of time, too. I wondered about writing the series name on the labels. When I started labeling, I realized that many authors have written multiple series. That means they sit right next to each other on the shelf. That could get confusing to the patrons. I think that I am going to skip that task.


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