Time for Library Resolutions for the New Year


I have taken a short break to rejuvenate myself to be ready for 2014. I have several blog post ideas that I am ready to execute soon, but I thought that I would start the new year on this blog by outlining some goals that I have set for myself and hope to implement in the coming weeks when I return to school. 

Students are constantly asking me what book comes next in a series. Sometimes I  know off the top of my head, but often I have to do a little research to tell them. I found this wonderful site called FictFact that I am now using to track series. It was designed as a tool for keeping track of books, series and the authors that write them. I have started following all the students favorite series here, so I can find books in series order in just a few clicks. If you are a librarian, this website is just what you have been looking for. On Twitter several months ago, I found myself in a conversation about series books. Several librarians (including  and ) mentioned how they labeled series books with numbers on the spine. That is ingenious. Why didn't I think of that? Labeling the books will certainly be more time efficient than having students come up to me to ask what book comes next. It also means that students will be able to easily determine that a book is a part of a series while they are browsing the shelves and also see if the first in the series is available. Resolution 1: To label all series books in the fiction section of the library. 

Another subject that school librarians have been debating recently is genrefication. That means organizing the library more like a bookstore model with like books shelved together. I am not ready to ditch the Dewey Decimal system just yet. If you are interested in researching this idea, I have collected some blog posts and online articles to help you in your research on this topic here: http://sqworl.com/vgzr7a. However, I have lots of empty shelving. I am thinking that I could create some themed displays on these shelves. That way I can get an idea if genrefication is something that would boost circulation in my library. Since these displays would be temporary and flexible, I would not attach labels to the books, change the catalog or be stuck with a limited number of genres. Really the sky is the limit: books that rock, love stories with happy endings, love stories with unhappy endings, adventure in another world, adventure in our world, etc. Resolution 2: To create some fun and eye-catching fiction displays to draw in new readers. 

In August of 2013, I opened the doors to the library at the new school. I like the minimalist look at work. I don't have a lot of clutter in the library which means that I don't have that many signs. I have been thinking that this is not such a great idea when students come in and don't know where to find certain books and resources that they want. I need to rethink signage and start labeling and marking areas to make finding materials easier for all patrons. Resolution 3: To assess needed signage throughout the library and begin labeling. 

As always, I will continue to read lots of YA lit, keep up with technology advances as best that I can and blog all about it right here. I wish you and yours a very HaPpY nEw YeAr! 


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