Invitation to Val/Sal Luncheon

Sal--Abrania and Val--Lauren show off awards from JPPSS

In the Jefferson Parish school district at the end of each school year, there is a special luncheon to honor the valedictorians and salutatorians for all of the thirteen high schools. All the principals are invited, some central office staff, and the two students from each school are asked to bring as a guest, a teacher who had an impact on their lives. This year, I was invited to attend by the valedictorian. Lauren has been at PFTSTA since 6th grade. She was a member of Bookmarked since she was a sophomore. At the end of her sophomore year, she was inducted in the National Honor Society, of which I am the faculty adviser. This past school year she served as the NHS president. She was an outstanding president who served as a strong leader, a hard worker and a super team player. As she leaves PFTSTA, I know that she has what it takes to succeed as she continues her education and seeks a fulfilling career. I was honored to be her guest, and when she introduced me as a person who is the complete opposite of her in terms of our personalities, I realized that what I have to offer the students is not always what I am directly teaching through the library program. Thank you Lauren for inviting me to the luncheon that honored your hard work; it meant a lot to me. 

Me and Lauren 


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