Presenting at LLA: Have you Made the Digital Shift?

For the past several weeks, I have been using free time to prepare for the presentation that I plan to give at the Louisiana Library Association's annual conference on March 9th. In past presentations, I have just touched on all the digital tools that I use when I collaborate with the teachers at my school, but this time, I wanted to be a bit more specific. I wanted to give concrete examples of the types of collaborations that I do and exactly what kinds of resources I include in the various tools that I create to share with students. I am a blatant thief and love learning about new things when I attend conferences. Once I hear about something new and exciting, I figure out how I can incorporate it into my bag of tricks and make it my own. My hope with this presentation is that others will find uses beyond what I do to invigorate their own library program. I wanted to save you some time if you did not want to view the whole presentation. 

When I make a presentation, I usually use a lot of images in my PowerPoint and little text. Instead of sharing the presentation with attendees, I would use Wikispaces or Symbaloo to create a resource with all the links that I discuss during the presentation. This time I am trying something different by incorporating all the information within my slides. I used a bit more text to explain the images, and then I added two slides at the very end. One has the links to the tools that I discuss, and the other has links to several resources that explain how librarians need to be creating digital collections to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. Below is the slide show, and under that is a copy of all the information and links that I have on the last two slides. 

LLA Presentation 2016: Have you made the digital shift? 
Learn to create virtual shelves of information for your school library

Collection of digital tools that can help support the school library program

Resources of articles  supporting need to create digital collections:


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