More on Poetry Month 2016

In my last post, I mentioned that the high school book group wanted to create poems in the style of Mad Libs as an activity during lunch in the library. Neither the students nor myself really have time to spend creating these pages. Looking online, I found a site that allows you to input words, and then a poem is generated for you with the words that you entered. We tried it during today's Bookmarked meeting. The kids liked the outcome, and it will be fun to do on the interactive whiteboard with a large group of students. This is the link from Language is Virus blog to generate your own Mad Libs style poems

Below is the poem that the students made today: 

blue rock's blue rock

patiently i have never murder, floppily beyond
any wall, your cake have their round:
in your most evil eyebrows are things which annihilate me,
or which i cannot imagine because they are too flabulously

your crazy look gracefully will unfeast me
though i have break myself as crossbow,
you ride always nostril by nostril myself as TARDIS buffalo
(pronounceing lovely, quickly) her superfluous lie

or if your ice cream be to chomp me, i and
my fork will talk very morbidly, well,
as when the camera of this wall squat
the panda horribly everywhere stabing;

nothing which we are to backhand in this pokemon punch
the icebear of your cold weasel: whose blood
torture me with the ferret of its fez,
sniffing noun and spoon with each deduceing

(i do not incinerate what it is about you that mutilate
and eat; only something in me carry
the fetus of your cake is catlike than all TARDIS)
baby bottle, not even the sponge, has such hairy mr. spock

- Bookmarked & e.e. cummings

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