Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Week Full of Fun @ Patrick Taylor Library

Another Teen Read Week has come and gone. One of the highlights included the students creating a magazine with their face on the cover. In the picture below can you see a student who created his cover using

Below is the magazine that shows that he is a big fan of Disney.

Members of the library book group, Bookmarked, assisted with the games and contests during lunch. The three students below are taking a break. They had great fun running the Labels are for Cans not People Game.

Here are some students who particpated in the Labels are for Cans Game. Students could take one clue a day for the whole week. If they answered the clue correctly they would win a candy. The clues were all based on either classic literature or contemporary novels. The student reading the clue in the picture below is not too happy because he doesn't know the answer.

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