Games as Part of the Library Collection

In October, I opened my print copy of School Library Journal to read Christopher Harris' regular column. For this issue, he talked about how games can support the Common Core curriculum. He gives examples of board games to support the curriculum, but it was his list of non-learning games that could be added to the library collection that interested me. He believes these games,"can offer a mental refresh for students." I already had a deck of  cards, UNO and Go available for student use, but that was it.  I knew about Set, and I have given it as a gift to many kids in the family. I love playing it, but I just didn't think about having it in the library. With Chris' urging through his article, I added a bunch of games to a recent Amazon order. I purchased Set, Spot it!, Quiddler, Sumoko and Bananagrams. I thought that made a nice mix of logic, word games and number games. I just got the order this past week, so I haven't had a chance to promote the games.  I look forward to teaching a few kids over the coming weeks, so that they can be the ones to teach others. 

Students are learning how to play Set


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