Presentation at LLA Annual Conference 2014

I wasn't planning to present at LLA this year. After presenting at LACUE in December, I asked Kelly if she would make the same presentation with me for the school librarians at the LASL Mid-Winter one day conference to be held in Lafayette, LA on a Saturday in January. Kelly agreed, reluctantly, because she really didn't want to give up a Saturday, but I really did not have to twist her arm very hard. I picked her up on January 25th at 6AM. We took I-10 until we found it closed due to the thick fog. We didn't worry because we had wanted to take highway 90 anyway. When we reached Gray which is a very, very small town in the middle of southern Louisiana, we could not go any farther. The state police closed 90 because of the density of the fog. Now what? We went into the Waffle House to regroup. It was a bit surreal but, the waitresses and other diners tried to figure out a way for us to reach our destination. Until all the roads reopened, there really was no way to get there. So we turned around and went home. It was a four and a half hour trip to nowhere. 

Two and a half weeks before the LLA conference, I received a message that a session had been cancelled and I was asked if I would be interested in presenting. The problem was that I would have to go solo. Kelly was not going with me to the librarian conference. I didn't know if I could carry off her part of the presentation. So I revisited our powerpoint and added a few slides and took out a few slides and agreed to make the presentation. I am glad that I did. 

The title of the presentation was: 
Be Armed and Ready for the Next Evolution in Educational Technology
You can find all the resources that were mentioned and a whole lot more here: 


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