Getting Ready for TRW 2016

When October nears, I know that it is time to plan for Teen Read Week. We have been celebrating this YALSA sponsored festivity in the PFTSTA Library from the first year I was there back in 2006. We started very small with one or two activities until it has grown to be a big deal at our school. However, I have developed a game plan that we use yearly for this activity so that I don't have to start from scratch each year. When I ask students, if we should make changes they let me know that they like things just the way they are. Some of our events are passive and can be completed any time during the week, but we also have a special event each day during lunch which requires active participation. Sure the regulars visit the library, but this is also an opportunity to have visitors who don't usually walk through the library doors. That is a very good thing. Visit the library website for more info and pictures after the fact. Want to know what we are doing? Read below.

Looking for fun? Read a good book!
Teen Read Week October 11th —14th

Text Box: Look What’s Happening @ PFTSTA Library for TRW 2016

1. Annual Library Book Mark Contest: Two winners, one from middle school and one from high school, will receive a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card, and their bookmark reproduced to give away to the PFTSTA community. You can visit the library for a hard copy or open here: to print out from the web.
All bookmarks are due in the library by Wednesday, October 26th at 2:30PM. 

2. Visit from the Jefferson Public Library: Teen librarian, Natalie Juneau, will be in the library during lunch on Tuesday, October 11th to talk to you about great books available in the public library. You will have a chance to ask lots of questions.

3. Now showing in your libraryVisit the common area outside the library at lunch on Wednesday the 12th to watch “The Escape Clause” an episode of the television show The Twilight Zone. In this episode, considered full of black comedy, a man wishes to live forever and forges a deal with the devil to make it happen. A treat will be served.

4. Fun of it Guessing Game: On Thursday the 13th, visit the library to get a clue about a book or movie that is fun to read. If you answer the clue correctly you will receive a prize. If you miss one, you will have a chance to try again.

5. Get Crafty: Visit the library on Friday the 14th to create paper stars made from the Sunday comics. The instructions and materials will be provided for you.

6. Fine Forgiveness Week: You may return any overdue book/s during Teen Read Week without having to pay a fine.

7. Guess the Number in the Jar: See if you can figure out how many Laffy Taffy candies are in the jar. To win, your answer must be closest to the correct number without going over. Guess the correct number of candies in the jar and win the jar of candy.

8. Vote for Teen’s Top Ten:  Help select the top ten best books of the last year. Vote for up to 3 of your favorite books:

Voting ends Oct 15th.


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