Research Riddles for 2.28.2011

RR 4 TTW 11
February 28th
You can play Research Riddles every day. Visit the library with the correct answer, and you will win a prize. You will use a pre-printed form to write down your answer/s and the source/s where you got the information. I don’t need a citation, but you need to state if you found your answer on Gale or Britannica or World Book. If you used a website, then you need to give me the name of the website or its URL.
Google would NOT be the name of a website.  
Questions of the day:
The first Gulf War ended in February 1991.
  1. Iraq began the war by invading Kuwait. On what day did this happen? 
  2. Who was president of the US during this war? 
  3. Who was president of Iraq during this war? 
  4. Kuwait has more non-Kuwaitis living within the country than Kuwaitis. Name four countries that have many citizens living within the borders of  Kuwait. 

Kuwaiti fighter pilots walk away from their Mirage F1 fighters after a raid on occupied Kuwait.


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