Too Busy

I really like to post here at least once a week. I have been so busy that I have had no time to write anything.

Last week and this week, I have done some test prep on using information resources because the students will be taking interval tests. After the session with the 6th graders, I realize that we have some work to do. The high schoolers seem to be right on track.

Bookmarked has been sending me reviews which I must send on to the publishers. Haven't had a chance to do that either. I am requiring book group members to write a minimum of one review every month. The books arrive almost daily. Some of the titles have so much interest others nobody wants to read. In three weeks, we are going to try again and have a skype session with the kids at Lake Norman Charter in NC.

Next week, I have a skype session planned between 7th graders and Adele Griffin who wrote, Picture the Dead. I just got a copy of the book today, so I am excited to take it home and read.

Hopefully, next time I post, I will have some pictures.


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