Busy Life of a Lauded Librarian

On March 1st, I was given a certificate by the Jefferson Parish School Board.

I am standing on the dais with my principal, Jaime Zapico and superintendent, Diane Roussel.
It was just a photo op; I didn't have to speak.

On Wednesday afternoon (March 16th) I recieved the Louisiana School Library Media Specialist award at the opening ceremony for the annual Louisana Library Association conference in Lafayette, LA.
Tonight I am exhausted and enjoying spending some quiet time by myself with the computer.

Jaime Zapico, principal at Patrick Taylor, and I pose with my plaque and certificate. I got two copies of the certificate, so that I can have one and I can give one to the school.

Below you see me just as I have stepped off the stage with all my goodies.

The table decorations were edible. The cupcakes were yummy.

Click here to find a video of the most fabulous introduction speech by Maranda Howell and a not so fabulous acceptance speech by me.
I was taken by surprise that I had to make a speech. I also got a bit emotional. I forgot to thank some really important people who helped me become the librarian that I am today. So I am going to do it now even though it doesn't really count here. First, I want to thank the person who really inspired me to become a librarian, Ruth Ann Nadeau. I am forever in her debt, and I tell her that all the time. Next I want to thank the teachers at UNO who mentored me especially during the early years when I didn't know anything: Earl Hart, Kim Harris, and Coleen Salley. I also want to thank someone who helped me grow into a librarian who can talk to teenagers, Jo Ann Moinet. Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my principal, Jaime Zapico. SHE GETS IT!!! She understands what good librarianship is, and she lets me do what I need to do at Patrick Taylor Academy to make the library the heart of the school. That works. I feel better now.


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