Research Riddles for 3.1.2011

R R 4 TTW 10
March 1st
You can play Research Riddles every day. Visit the library with the correct answer, and you will win a prize. You will use a pre-printed form to write down your answer/s and the source/s where you got the information. I don’t need a citation, but you need to state if you found your answer on Gale or Britannica or World Book. If you used a website, then you need to give me the name of the website or its URL.
Google would NOT be the name of a website. 

Questions of the day:
The “crime of the century” happened on March 1, 1932.
1.    What was the crime?
2.    Did the man act alone in this crime or did he have accomplices?
3.    What act of congress caused organized crime to flourish during the early part of the 20th century?
4.    What Italian crime boss was instrumental in getting Jewish and Irish crime organizations to align with his  during the 1930s?

This is a picture of the crime boss who is the answer to number 4.


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