Field Trip to the Ninth Ward with 7th Grade

On November 18th, the seventh graders took the bus down to the Ninth Ward in New Orleans to explore Lanesha's world from the book, Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes. The students took pictures, video and audio of what they saw and did. They will be making movies after the holidays to share with an English class in Van Meter, IA. I took a lot of pictures, too. I wanted to remember the trip with a map so I used Tripline to document what I saw. You can view my tripline below as a slideshow just hit play and sit back and relax or you can click through each stop and open the pictures individually. Enjoy!


  1. Wow! That is so cool. First, thanks for introducing me to a technology I didn't know about. I can use tripline for a lot of things. Second, wish I had had a middle school librarian like you when I was a kid! And third, I missed getting to visit ninth ward during my nola trip, should have asked you to be my tour guide. So thank you for the excellent virtual tour. Christina

  2. Christina:
    I am so glad that you like my tripline. It took me way too long to put it together, but I am happy with the result. For some reason, I could not figure how to add photos.
    I am planning to use it in a presentation that I am making with two other teachers at a conference next week. I hope the audience likes.

    We had a marvelous time on that trip. It was one of the best field trips ever. I have been on a lot of field trips in my 30 years of teaching. Elizabeth


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