Caught Reading Campaign on Facebook

I caught this student and three others reading from the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi

I am creative, but I often get some of my best ideas for the library from others in the field. When I "borrow" an idea from another librarian, I usually adapt, modify or change it to fit my school population. Librarians are so good at sharing, and I know others don't mind if I take their idea and run with it. I am happy to share. If I wasn't into sharing, then I wouldn't use this blog to spread the word about some of my most successful and least successful activities, too. I feel honored to have someone else adapt, modify or change something that I have done to fit their needs in their library. So I have been quite full of myself with my new campaign this year because I figured it out all on my own. I did not see someone else's version before I created my own. 

This student is rereading all his favorite series, but I convinced him to give Ashfall by Mike Mullin a try

This is a campaign to help spread the love of reading in my school. I am using Facebook to broadcast the fact that students at Patrick Taylor do read and seem to love it. I am calling this campaign, "Caught Reading." When I see a student reading in the library, (well it could be anywhere on campus, but I spend the majority of my time in the library) I grab my iPad and take a quick picture. I don't ask the students to pose. I want to catch them in the act. It doesn't matter what they are reading. I haven't caught anyone yet reading on a device, but I am not opposed to doing so. 

She found a comfortable spot to finish her book

I know the campaign is having an effect because a parent commented on a post and wondered when their child will be caught reading in the library. You can visit the library's Facebook page to see all the students caught so far. Feel free to like the page if you want to continue seeing these pictures as the year progresses. 

Graphic novels are very popular for all ages in my library
If you want to try this in your library, feel free. Let me know how you adapt, modify or change it to fit your needs. I see endless possibilities of getting the word out that kids are reading. 


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