Decorating the Library Continues

Two weeks ago,  I shared the story of how we transformed a wall in the library with decals. When I purchased the dots, I also purchased an Einstein quotation to put on the wall. I was hesitant to begin that project because though the letters were removable, you did not have the option to reapply them if you made an error in placement. When I finally opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was and how professional the finished product looked. Like the dots, I purchased the quote decals from Demco

Step 1: Affixing the first part of the quote on the wall

Step 2: Rubbing the letters off of the transfer paper and onto the wall
(the transfer paper is sticky and you can move it until you are happy with placement)

Step 3: First part done, two more to go

Step 4: Second part done, one more to go

Step 5: Almost done

Job is all done!


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