It is the Little Things ...

I have said it before in this space, and I will say it again. It really is the little things that make life sweet. In August of 2013, we opened the doors to our new school building which included a brand new library. The library wasn't quite ready when school opened, and I was okay with that because I thought it would be finished in a few weeks or a month or two. Little did I know that I would spend a year with a storage room full of boxes that could not be emptied. I had a great storage space and really, the only storage space in the whole library except for my office. Every time a new punch list was created, I added the need for shelving to it. All the other storage closets in the building got shelving. I kept waiting. 

This is what I have had in the closet since August of 2013
(the shelf you see on the right was borrowed from the cafeteria)
It is not easy to find what you are looking for when all you see are boxes

On Friday, about six workers trooped through the library with wood in tow. Beautiful wood that was trimmed out that was going to be installed in my storage closet. Finally! One of the great things about emptying boxes of stuff that you haven't seen in almost 15 months is that you find some treasures. I had what I thought was a box of random books, but when I started unpacking the box, I found several the books that I thought were lost from the collection. That put a smile on my face. I hate lost library books.

Everything is out of the closet waiting to go back in when shelves are installed

Two sets of shelving like this were installed in the closet

Now, the door to the small room has a window, and I don't really like seeing boxes through that window. I may have to buy containers for my stuff, but I can live with that. 

Everything fits neatly on the shelves, even my microwave

I really don't like seeing the boxes on the shelves, I will need new containers


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