Where Reading and the Web Collide

I presented twice
This past Saturday I traveled to Lafayette, LA to present at the first ever LASL Fall Summit. In the past, the Louisiana school librarians had a mid-winter conference. It was always scheduled in late January or February every other year, but even in Louisiana, the weather could get in the way during the winter. Fog and ice could make it difficult for people to travel the state to attend a one day conference. In 2014, I got half-way to Lafayette and had to turn around because the fog made it impossible to cross the Atchafalaya Basin that lay between me and my destination. 
Why did Susan cut off my hand? I do have another one.

The attendees in the first session
My presentation was entitled, "Where Reading and the Web Collide." My focus was to give websites and apps that librarians, teachers, parents, and students could use to enhance the reading experience. Even though I only serve students in grades 6th-12th, I tailored this talk to K-12 because there are always more elementary librarians at these conferences than those who serve older kids. Many of the sites could be used for all ages, but I did sprinkle in some sites that are age specific, You do not need to be in a school to find these sites helpful, public librarians could use them too.  I also tried something a little different this time. I like to use Wikispaces to create my resources page for my presentations because I can add links with text. Since I was only going to share links for this presentation, I decided to use Symbaloo. I have embedded the Symbaloo for you below. I grouped the links in the Symbaloo by the main topics that I covered in my talk: book recommendations, series help, connecting readers on social media, connecting with authors, apps for reading, and lastly, sharing and creating book trailers. 

I hope that you can find these sites helpful to you with your students in your library. If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and I will get back to you. 


  1. Do I have your permission to post this on my School Librarian's Workshop FB page? If you don't know it, check it out. I have over 1,500 members and they share lots of good stuff. It's a mini LM_NET.

  2. Yes, please feel free to post as long as you credit me. I was going to try and write something for you last year, but time got away from me. I get way to busy. I am happy to share. I will definitely check out the FB page.


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