Successful TTW13 Ends Quietly

Using the iPads to create poetry
On Friday, I pulled out the 6 iPod Touch devices and borrowed 6 iPads from a teacher all with the app called Instant Poetry. I decided that with this activity I could kill two birds with one stone. The students had a great time creating poems. To save the poems, all you have to do is take a picture of the poem within the app, and it is saved in your photos on the device. You can also save the poems within the app, and you can reopen them and continue to edit. When lunch was over, I just connected the devices to my computer, and I could drag the pictures into a folder on the computer. Very easy. You can see more poems on the library website here. 

April is National Poetry Month. Two years ago, we had a fun activity that I called Hidden Poetry. Last year, I didn't do it because it took so much time to collect poems, and I just couldn't find the time. Now I have a start with the poems that the students created during TTW. 

The middle school students really got into the Research Riddles that they could play daily during TTW. One of the students asked on Friday if they would continue to answer riddles until the end of the year. Well no, it all ended on Friday, but I think that any event is truly successful when you leave the kids asking for more or asking to do it again. Our two grand prize winners for the Riddles were Zoey Prado in 6th grade and Vy Mai in 9th grade. These two students will each receive a $15 iTunes gift card. TTW got lots of kids to visit the library and that is one of my major goals. I just want them to continue to see the library as a welcoming place with resources for everyone. 


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