Voting Ended March 18th at Midnight

a happy student votes for the very last time
the whole school voted together on the very last day to watch our numbers go UP
a parent created these posters to promote the Follett Challenge
Last night the voting portion of the Follett Challenge ended. Whew! It could not come soon enough. When I left school yesterday, we were in the 6th spot, but only a handful of votes away from 5th. I kept thinking that I could get us more votes. So when I got home, I put on my exercise clothes, leashed up the dog and hit the streets of my neighborhood. I only encountered one person who was ugly to me. I talked to a lot of people that I know, but many that I did not know. Almost everyone was pleased that they could help a school library. I really have no clue how many votes my canvassing did, but I felt better about it. By the time that I went to sleep last night, we had moved back to the 5th spot with a little over 50 votes ahead of 6th. I was exhausted and could not stay up until midnight to see the end. Luckily. my husband woke up and checked the computer for me. Just before midnight, he saw that we had hold of the 5th spot with 66 votes ahead of 6th. Now we wait. There will be a live broadcast on April 5th at noon to announce all the winners. It is going to be hard, but it is time to sit back and chill until we hear something from Follett. I sure do hope that Patrick Taylor turns out to be a winner. We want to stock the shelves of the new school's library with new resources.

PFTSTA ended up with 19,033 votes
Click the above image to enlarge it and see all the voting totals


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